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Medical Negligence

O’Hanrahan & Company Solicitors have represented plaintiffs in medical negligence actions for many years. 


Medical negligence arises where a medical professional fails to act in accordance with the generally accepted practice in their particular medical field This failure may take many forms, such as: 


• Misdiagnosis 

• Delayed diagnosis 

• Failure to communicate all of the risks associated with a medical procedure (consent)

• Error in treatment 

• Problematic childbirth

• Failure to follow up with the patient for further treatment or review


The process for initiating a Medical Negligence action is similar to a Personal Injuries case. An application must first be sent to the PIAB explaining your injuries and the relevant parties must receive notice. Where a PIAB assessment is declined by either the applicant or the respondent, a court authorisation is issued to the solicitor which allows the case to be taken to court.

Medical Negligence actions often require specialist reports from consultants, professors and doctors who are leaders in their fields. This is so that you can demonstrate a failure in the standard of care delivered to you and have the best chance of success in your case. O'Hanrahan & Company have particular expertise in this field and can advise you on how best to deal with such matters.


If you suffer injury, whether physical or psychological, as a result of medical negligence, please contact us without delay for a consultation. We are here to help and guide you through the legal system and obtain the best outcome possible.

* Solicitors cannot calculate fees or other charges in contentious business as a percentage or a proportion of any award or settlement nor is it our practice to do so.

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