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Family Law

The wellbeing of the family and children is important in Irish law. When relationships break down or when issues arise in a marriage, it's vital that you have the right support structures around to protect you, those you care for, and the things that belong to you.


At O’Hanrahan & Company Solicitors, we make it our business to ensure that all family matters such as divorce, judicial separation, custody of children and maintenance are dealt with in the most pain free manner possible.

We can help you with matters such as:

• Divorce

• Judicial Separation

• Maintenance & Custody Disputes

• Barring & Safety Orders

• Visitation Rights

• Pension Adjustment Orders

We understand how difficult these matters can be. Our solicitors recognise that every family situation is unique and therefore, we will ensure that the most appropriate and fair resolution is reached for your particular circumstances as quickly as practicable.

O’Hanrahan & Company Solicitors is also on the Family Law Legal Aid Panel.

Please contact our office to discuss your needs with a solicitor and to arrange an initial consultation.

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